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Under The Big Greene Tent (DVD)

New DVD-Under the Big Greene Tent
Gift Amount: $20.00
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.
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Under The Big Greene Tent, takes a look back at the tent campaign meetings of Dr. Oliver B. Greene on what would become affectionately known as the "saw dust trail".  This DVD contains the only known video of the early tent campaign meetings held during the 1940s and 50s.
The video sets the scene and helps to recreate the excitement and anticipation of those cherished times under the big Greene, gospel tent.  In addition to the video, you will also see pictures along with commentary of the tent meetings held from 1939-1968.  The audio portion of this DVD contains an introduction by one of Dr. Greene's sons, plus a recording of Dr. Greene preaching his popular sermon, "Where Are The Dead?", during an actual tent meeting held in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1964.  Relevant scripture related to this sermon is also highlighted on this DVD. 
Join us now as you travel back in time to those hot summer days, under the big gospel tent as you hear the word of God preached and proclaimed by Dr. Greene.

*BONUS AUDIO CD of "Where Are The Dead?" Tent Meeting Sermon INCLUDED!
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