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"Special Offer" The new Children's Book, "The Cab Driver's Daughter" and a DVD containing an interview with the Author (Gospel Music Recording Artist, Lynda Randle) who's father was saved while listening to the Gospel Hour radio program. Two Audio CDs also come with this special offer. Includes: "God's Hand At Work" DVD with bonus Sermon on Audio CD; "The Cab Driver's Daughter" illustrated Children's book plus an Audio CD of book narrated by Lynda with music and sound effects!


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Select Mp3 audio files of Classic Raio Sermons by Dr. Greene and eBooks of favorite books by Dr. Greene for your eReader such as the iPad or Kindle may be downloaded from This is a new service we are offering, new titles will be added as they become availble, so be sure to visit us often for new eBooks and Mp3 downloads.  If you have a favorite sermon or book you would love to see offered please email us with your suggestion(s).
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The Five Crowns (ePub)
The Five Crowns (ePub)
Gift Amount: $2.00
The Five Crowns (ePub)
There are five crowns mentioned in the New Testament. In this message Dr. Greene list these five crowns that may be earned by a believer, and briefly discusses each of the five.
The Gospel Hour News-Quarterly Publication (PDF)
Gift Amount: $1.00
The Gospel Hour News-Quarterly Publication (PDF)
You can now download a PDF of the quarterly edition of the reprinted version of the original Gospel Hour News that is sure to both inform and inspire you.
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