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Gift Offer Liberty! Gift Offer "Liberty" - Includes:  "Salute to America" Book of Patriotic Quotes, Songs & Scriptures; "FLAG" Soul-winning Booklet (5 copies); "Songs of Liberty" Audio CD of Patriotic and Inspirational Songs!

Gift Offer V

Gift Offer V
Gift Amount: $20.00
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.

Gift Offer "V" contains four items and is available for your gift of $20.00. First we have a Stereo Music CD (by The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians) entitled "Musical Sories of Faith & Courage.  Then we have two hardback books, by Dr. Greene, "Galations" and "Ephesians".   Both books are verse-by-verse Bible Commentaries and will give you great insight into the importantance of these 2  books of the New Testament. Finally, we have three of our 4-page tracts by Dr. Greene, "Did You Know?", Have Yopu Heard?" and "Have You Heard There Is No Hell?".   We are including 10 copies of each aforementioned title with this offer.

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