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Gift Offer Liberty! Gift Offer "Liberty" - Includes:  "Salute to America" Book of Patriotic Quotes, Songs & Scriptures; "FLAG" Soul-winning Booklet (5 copies); "Songs of Liberty" Audio CD of Patriotic and Inspirational Songs!

Gift Offer Z

Gift Offer Z
Gift Amount: $15.00
Item Number: Gift Offer Z
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.
Gift Offer "Z" contains the following four items and is made in honor of Mother's; it includes one book and three audio CDs. The first item is a perfectbound book by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene it's entitled: "Practical Messages for Spiritual Problems," 231 pages; 15 Messages. Next, we have an audio CD containing the song "Mother's Day Song" written and performed by Michael Ellis.  Finally, we have two more audio CDs both containing a collection of songs, as sung by "The Ladies" of The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians, "Sweet Story of Old" and "He Tenderly Looked at Me".  All four items are available to you for your gift of $15.00 or more to this ministry.
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