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"Special Offer" The new Children's Book, "The Cab Driver's Daughter" and a DVD containing an interview with the Author (Gospel Music Recording Artist, Lynda Randle) who's father was saved while listening to the Gospel Hour radio program. Two Audio CDs also come with this special offer. Includes: "God's Hand At Work" DVD with bonus Sermon on Audio CD; "The Cab Driver's Daughter" illustrated Children's book plus an Audio CD of book narrated by Lynda with music and sound effects!

Gift Offer B

Gift Amount: $30.00
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.
Gift Offer B, contains a Radio Series on CD by Dr. Greene plus a hardback book by Mrs. Greene for a gift of $30.00. The Radio Series by Dr. Greene is entitled Faith vs Worry; a Two-Volume Set containing 40 Messages by Dr. Greene on 14 Audio CDs. Next we have a hardback book by Mrs Greene entitled Practical Messages for Spiritual Problems. The book discusses in great detail the Bible answer to questions regarding spiritual growth, prayer, faith and fear. Both items are available for a Gift of $30.00 or more to this Ministry.
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