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"Special Offer" The new Children's Book, "The Cab Driver's Daughter" and a DVD containing an interview with the Author (Gospel Music Recording Artist, Lynda Randle) who's father was saved while listening to the Gospel Hour radio program. Two Audio CDs also come with this special offer. Includes: "God's Hand At Work" DVD with bonus Sermon on Audio CD; "The Cab Driver's Daughter" illustrated Children's book plus an Audio CD of book narrated by Lynda with music and sound effects!

Noah Days Radio Series Set (All 4 Volumes)

Noah Days Radio Series
Noah Days Radio SeriesNoah Days Radio Series (Back Cover)
Gift Amount: $90.00
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.
But as the days of Noah were, “so shall the coming of the Son of man be":  The NOAH DAYS Radio Series is without
question one of the most popular and important radio series that Dr. Greene ever preached. In this four volume set of
the Noah Days Series, you will hear 90 sermons on 30 Audio CDs as you begin an in-depth study of Matthew Chapter
24 and and other scriptures on what the Bible has to say about End Times and the Second Coming of Christ. This time
the only refuge and Ark that one can enter to escape these "end of days" is found solely through a Personal Relationship
and the Saving Grace of our soon coming Risen Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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