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Gift Offer Liberty! Gift Offer "Liberty" - Includes:  "Salute to America" Book of Patriotic Quotes, Songs & Scriptures; "FLAG" Soul-winning Booklet (5 copies); "Songs of Liberty" Audio CD of Patriotic and Inspirational Songs!

Gift Offer L

Gift Amount: $25.00
Manufacturer: The Gospel Hour, Inc.
Gift Offer L includes three Christmas themed Audio Selections featuring Sermons by Dr. Greene plus Christmas music by The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians. First we have both Volume 1 and 2 of a series entitled "Celebrate His Birth in Sermon & Song. Each volume includes a Christmas sermon by Dr. Greene plus Christmas music. Finally we have a series of 5 Christmas messages by Dr. Greene we call "Yuletide Messages from The Preacher". The last 2 mesages in this series were originally preached on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All three CD Sets are available to you for a gift of $25.00 or more to this Ministry.
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