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Gift Offer Liberty! Gift Offer "Liberty" - Includes:  "Salute to America" Book of Patriotic Quotes, Songs & Scriptures; "FLAG" Soul-winning Booklet (5 copies); "Songs of Liberty" Audio CD of Patriotic and Inspirational Songs!

Tent Meeting Series on CD (Compact Disc)

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Tent Meeting Series on CD (Compact Disc) - Sermons preached by Dr. Greene before a live audience under the "Big Greene Tent" in Altoona and Chambersburg, PA and Camden, NJ. Sermon Titles included in this series:  Where Are The Dead?;  Other Side of The Door;  Earth's Madness, Heaven's Gladness, Hell's Sadness;  The Sin That Is The Most Insulting to God;   Two Words (Precious Blood);  People Tagged For Hell;  Is Your Faith Genuine?;  God's Calendar Has Only Two Days;  The Tomb of Time and Mortuary of The Devil;  Which Church Is Right?
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